About Me

I'm Estefania aka Miss Drumu, I studied Childhood Education and Bachelor of Fine Arts, I worked as a graphic designer and now I'm full time artist.

I meet Blythe for the first time long time ago, I saw them in photos but I found them a little bit scary.

I didn't experimened with them until 2015, when a friend showed me her doll and all the custom world. I fell in love with all the work customizers did so I bought my first doll and thought I can custom her, I begin to sell and do custom dolls little by little.

In 2017 the adventure "began" and I decided to custom dolls as a profesional. Now I know all the diferences between models, the tricks and tips and I think Blythes are super cute and adorable.

I do custom dolls and paintings with different techniques in my tiny workshop house in the city of Barcelona with my two cute cats and my bf.

Welcome ^-^

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