Licorice / n.17


Her name is Licorice. She's a faky Blythe doll inspired in Licorice All sorts candies.

She have and OOAK ilustrations on her eyelids, backplate and pullrings, all of them painted by hand, made exclusively for her.

Hannah / n.16

*ADOPTED* Hannah -  Her home is on Japan

Her name is Hannah. She's a faky Blythe doll with an amazing blonde long hair.

Theme: Sweets and Doughnuts. She have a themed iustrated backplate, eyelids and charms, all painted by hand.

Lily / n.15


Her name is Lily.

She's a Blythe inspired in Water lily theme. She have a exclusive and OOAK paint in her backplate and eyelids. Her pullrings are ilustrated and painted with watercolors with the same theme and with my signature.

Commission / n.14

*COMMISSION* Her home is on Cantabria - Spain

This commission is so special because is a commission for a birthday gift. The owner asked me for personalize her with a Mandala's theme and a lovely dog.

Commission / n.13

* COMMISSION* Her home is on Brussels - Belgium

Due to the main theme of this pretty girl was Save the Animals, I thought to draw something related to theis theme. I painted a cute bear with some leaves.

Dolls Box


I hadn't shown you the boxes where Chloe and Ruby travel to their new homes and I was dying to do! What do you think? I wrap the girls with all the love and just as I would like to receive them, because I love details and I love surprises. The details make the difference and I want to see a happiest face when you open my package!⠀

Ruby / n.12

* ADOPTED * Her new home is on Ohio - USA

Her name is Ruby due to gemstones and she have eyelids, backplate and pullring with Ruby drawings.

Ruby is my custom n.12
Base doll: ICY

Special 15% discount

Hello, I made a special discount 15% off during all the easter time.
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Chloe / n.11

* ADOPTED * Her new home is on Murcia - Spain

She is Chloe, It means "green shoot" in Greek, referring to new plant growth in the spring.
She's my custom n.11 and it's available for adoption.